I don’t need ‘perfect’.

Whatever I have with you

is more than enough.

Haiku on Clarity | jl | Connotativewords  (via 1112pm)
Anonymous asked : Do you have Instagram?!

Yesss :) follow me! @jasxoxo11

love-money-party-1d asked : Thank you for following me! You and your boyfriend are so adorable! ☺️

Aww no problem and thanks a lot :)

starlightswitch asked : You're really cute together! :-) ~Bee (ldr blog somethingthatwedo)

Thaanks, we try lol

keepitclassyy-nevertrashyy asked : hey so im thinking about opening up a page about real couples and not people who model as couples. let me know what you think! im having open submits and i honestly think you and your boyfriend would be perfect <3 let me know! my ldr blog is long-distance-sucks

Awww that sounds really good, I’d love to be apart of it

thatstotallytorrie asked : You and your Bf are so cute, how did you two meet?

Awww thanks :) we actually met on chatroulette lol

  • Literallly 12 more hours until he is here, omg I can’t believe how fast the time is going! I’m so nervous!!!!

  • Anonymous asked : Does your family know about you and your ldr? And do you have an age gap?

    yes they do and only two year age gap

  • Oh My Gosh guys! I’m in complete shock! I still cant believe its only 26 more days until we are reunited back together!!!! I promise this time lots of videos, pictures, everything! haha I’m just super excited though!

  • alwaysmissingsomeone:

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